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Whole Year Cleaning Pack

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Behind the scenes The Planning Circus is made up of a group of moms who are just trying to stay organized. We have husbands, children, grandchildren,  “real” jobs, and all the fun and chaos that goes a long with it. While we love planner kits and all the pretty decorative stuff, but let’s be real…  life gets busy sometimes and we just need to smack a sticker on it and scribble a few notes. When coming up with the idea for The Planning Circus we wanted to make stickers that would be FUNctional, something that would make our circus friend’s lives easier! Stickers that could be used in a variety of planners.

Well circus friends, we have the perfect FUNctional item to help organize your circus. Just in time for the new year!! We have compiled a list of common household chores- things we do weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and common household maintenance things and made them into a FUNctional Whole Year Cleaning Pack.  One pack will last you an entire year and save you the headache of trying to decide what chores need to be done, what you have already done, or what you are forgetting to do.

In this pack you will receive 52 weekly stickers, 26 bi-weekly stickers, 12 monthly cleaning items, and 12 monthly household maintenance items in this cleaning pack. This order ships in a large flat envelope with 6, 8 1/2 by 11 sheets, this will cover you for the entire year! We can’t do the housework for you but we can make it easier for you to stay organized.

The cost is $36.00 which qualifies for free shipping when you use the code 35FREE

Don’t forget if you order today, FREEBIE FRIDAY, this order qualifies you for 3 free sticker sheets of your choice!!



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