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Wednesday New Releases


We have some exciting new releases this week!!

Our Yearly Savings Challenge sticker is a fun challenge we saw online and decided to make a sticker for our circus friends. This sheet contains 52 stickers, put one sticker on each week and save the amount on the sticker. At the end of the year you will have saved $1,000. Join the challenge!!

image1 (44)

Our Work Script Sticker was requested by our Facebook group, The Planning Circus, many people wanted a sticker that was a script style. This is a cute, classic way to keep track of your work schedule.

image3 (12)

Girl wash your hair 🙂 Keep track of your hair washing days with this FUNctional sticker.

image1 (45)

Lastly, our Netflix and Chill sticker is the perfect way to keep track of those down time, chilling on the couch in your jammies!! We need a few more of those!

image2 (19)

Also, don’t forget to check out our newest Yearly Cleaning Pack. We released this over the weekend. Our annual cleaning pack will help you stay organized through the new year, helping you organize household chores and home maintenance items.

image1 (43)

We hope you like them!!

-The Planning Circus

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