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When PR girls go wild…

Thursdays are one of the slower mornings at the circus, I like to send emails to our PR team (currently a small group of working moms who graciously let me “pay” them in stickers), I like to take time to look for ideas for the following week’s new releases, plan for the future of The Planning Circus.. we are going to be HUGE… maybe just in my dreams but it is true that when you support a small business you support a dream! The Planning Circus is our dream and our dream is becoming a reality.

This morning I was seeking inspiration in Target’s dollar spot… well, don’t you feel inspired in the dollar spot at Target? OK, maybe I wasn’t just thinking about The Planning Circus… more like getting new toothbrushes and how cute those black and white plaid dish cloths would look in my kitchen. I mean I did get to use one of our Planners Gotta Shop stickers this morning.. that’s kind of circus related?

image1 (58)

I digress…

I was in the cleaning supplies when I got a text from one of my favorite PR girls Jackie who says

“so I kinda did a thing”

Oh no.. what has she done? I grabbed my Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender multipurpose cleaner…  I unscrewed the lid and took a sniff, waiting for the calming scent to take affect before texting her back…

I always tell our PR girls that they ARE the circus, as a new business these ladies have ownership in what we do… we check in and communicate always but unless it’s a major business decision I tell them PROMOTE and help get our name out there! So while we are on that topic… like us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and share us with your friends!!!

I didn’t  even make it to the end of the aisle before I texted her back…

“Should I even ask?”

I waited quietly between the paper towels and the Kleenex for her response… I could see the bubbles popping up and disappearing again and again on my screen…  but it was taking and awful long time for her to spit out what she had done… I can’t tell you all the things that were racing through my mind…

I should add that “Miss Jackie Plans” as we lovingly call her is also the reason we have our reputation for next day shipping.. while we guarantee shipping within 48 hours, Jackie is set to make sure her orders ship next day when ordered before 9pm EST.. I guess she thinks we don’t need to bother sleeping at the circus either… I mean we do offer LOTS of coffee stickers

That’s when my phone finally dings me back to reality…

“first 10 orders today over $10 today get one of our Wednesday New Releases as a freebie when they put “Jackie’s Freebie in the comment section of their order”  (with this picture)

image1 (60)


Now typically we don’t giveaway full sheets as freebies.. and NEVER a newly released sticker.. but when PR girls go wild… you go with it!


So.. tell your planner friends and get in on this special!!

Thanks “Miss Jackie Plans” we love you and your enthusiasm for this circus life!

-The Planning Circus



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