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Wednesday New Releases (3/27/19)

Wednesday New Releases are here!!!

We have two new FUNctional stickers for you…

Elephants Never Forget

image3 (27)

Protein Shake

image2 (38)

We also have a new sticker kit this week!! Check out our…

Movie Night Sticker Kit

image1 (74)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!!

-The Planning Circus



Circus Life

Wednesday’s New Releases


The Planning Circus has decided to roll out our new releases every Wednesday! So check in here for new releases each week! If we are creating them… they will be available for purchase on Wednesdays, follow our blog and you will be the first to know what is available!

This week are rolling out a few extra stickers because of our big BOGO sale starting on Thursday!

We have 7 new sticker sheets for you!!! You can find these under the “Shop Our Circus” section of the website!

Thanks for checking in! Hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving!!

-The Planning Circus




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Christmas Sticker Pack RELEASED!!

We have had quite a few requests for a Christmas Sticker Pack! So just in time to qualify for our Happy Planner giveway.

This joyful Christmas Sticker Pack is all you need this season to decorate your planner for Christmas! This pack includes a Christmas sticker sheet, Christmas Countdown Stockings, Christmas Die Cuts, and a Christmas Shopping List that is classic happy planner size (we will gladly punch it for you- just make a note on your checkout).

image1 (37)

We also have these items available for individual sale if you don’t want to purchase the entire pack, although the pack provides much better savings.  All orders ship within 48 hours! Order soon so you can start decorating!

While you are planning for that Christmas list go ahead and snag our Amazon stickers to keep track of when your presents will arrive.

Don’t forget all orders placed before 11/18 at 11:18 qualify for our Happy Planner Giveway! Winner will be announced Sunday!!

Happy Shopping! 

-The Planning Circus




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Why FUNctional Stickers?

When we started this journey into the planner world we saw many sites, sites we loved with beautiful decorative kits, fantastic sticker packs, while there were plenty of things we LOVED!! But we also caught ourselves spending extra money on sticker kits that we would buy for one or two things but containing many things we didn’t need or want. While local planner groups allowed the opportunity to trade unwanted stickers we decided to create functional stickers at a fair price with sheets that people could customize.

Trash night is often forgot in our house. This is a weekly chore “supposed” to be performed by the children in the house (or the husband) but usually requiring a reminder from the mother of the home. A trash can sticker on my planner helps me remind them (or myself) when it’s time to take out the trash. While I had a few sticker packs that included trash night stickers- let’s be real… a sticker pack containing two rows of trashcans isn’t going to last long. The Planning Circus made a sticker sheet containing 50 “trash night” stickers for $2.50 that’s almost an entire year of trash days!!!

image1 (33)

Now let’s see if these magical “trash night” stickers keep our trashcans curbside in a timely manner. No one likes running outside in the morning to beat the trash truck in your bathrobe… not that that has ever happened before.

You can snag our “trash night” sticker here.

If you have an idea of a sticker functional that you would like to purchase to help keep your circus organized let us know! We’d love to hear your ideas, and from one Ringmaster to another… we all need all the help we can get staying organized!

Don’t forget all orders thru 11/18 at 11:18am will be entered in our giveway for a classic, Happy Planner.

-The Planning Circus

Circus Life

Giveaways & Fun

We decided to host our first giveaway via Instagram last week. We wanted a fun wait to celebrate our first 100 followers and our official first week with our open website! It was exciting for us to see the entries come in. It was a typical Follow, Like and Tag a friend giveaway- we made lots of new planner buddies and saw a few more join our circus!

The winner was picked today at 11am. Congratulations to thequeeninmee- turns out she is new to the planning world and was super excited to pick out three sticker sheets from our shop. We can’t think of a better person to win our new She also won a cute note pad and some magnetic clips. We tossed in a few freebies and extra goodies too.

This was so fun we decided to do a second giveaway this week. For every order we receive from today, 11/11 thru 11/18 you will be entered to win this gorgeous, classic, Happy Planner.

image1 (31).jpeg

We can’t thank you enough for the love and support from you all in our first weeks! Here is to many more!!!

Thanks for joining our circus!!

-The Planning Circus