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Wednesday New Releases 3/6/19

Wednesday’s New Releases are here!!!

Calling all sports moms!! We have cheer, baseball, and soccer covered this week…

Cheer Sticker

image2 (33)

Soccer Ball Stickers

image2 (34)

Baseball Stickers

image1 (69)

Lastly, we are most excited to announce two more adorable kits!!!

Oopsy Daisy Kit

image1 (70)

“Bakers Gonna Bake” Kit

image1 (68)

We hope everyone is having a great week!!!

-The Planning Circus

Circus Life

“All About Magic”

When we started The Planning Circus at the end of last year we wanted a FUNctional sticker shop, a place were planners could request stickers, keeping cost affordable so that you didn’t have to purchase a book for $10-$20 because you liked a few sheets of stickers… I mean, we have all purchased “that book” for “those sheets.”

Functional stickers were our main focus and it still is, we will always be a FUNctional sticker shop, there just aren’t many shops whose main product is FUNctionals… one of the reasons we decided to call our business “The Planning Circus” was because we wanted a product that united all types of planners-those who used Happy Planner to bullet journals, or just a cute reminder sticker for a regular office calendar… we thought “the planning circus” encompassed it all and functional stickers can be used by anyone with any type of planner.

At The Planning Circus our favorite thing is making custom stickers and highly requested stickers like our newest Girl Scout stickers- Troop Meeting and our Cookie Sale Sticker. We love getting those emails or social media requests and then going to work to create something that maybe one person thought of but multiple people can use! Our Ice Skating Stickers was an early request we got from a mom in Washington but people in 6 different states have purchased her request and use them to keep track of their daughter’s ice skating events. We use your online suggestions to come up with our weekly new releases and we LOVE it! Thanks for being a part of our circus!

One of our PR girls is OBSESSED with unicorns, pink, and all things magical and since our online requests were low this week for new releases our creative and talented “sticker designer” created our first kit “All About Magic” we released this to our PR team over the weekend and it is now available for purchase, this kit includes 4 sheets and features an adorable little unicorn. We love it and hope you do too!

All About Magic


Hope everyone is having a great week. Keep those FUNctional requests coming and in the mean time who knows what we will come up with!! I mean we are even breaking into the clothing industry with our new Circus Life Shirt, haha! 

Don’t forget, orders over $20 get free shipping and order by 9pm EST for next day shipping!!!

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The Planning Circus

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Circus Life

Wednesday New Releases

New Releases are here and The Planning Circus is excited to announce our first sticker kit!!!!

All About Magic

This kit includes four sheets featuring an adorable little unicorn. We hope you have a magical week when you use our “All About Magic” Kit.

image1 (66)

Since one was just not enough we would like to present our second kit…

Hoppy Planning Kit

Just in time to help you get ready for Easter, this kit includes four sheets and die cuts! Hoppy Planning with this adorable Easter sticker kit!

image1 (65)

And since we are a FUNctional sticker shop we also have two highly requested FUNctional stickers from our Girl Scout friends…

Troop Meeting

image2 (32)

Cookie Sale Sticker

image1 (67)

Circus Life

Planners and their “needs”…

Planners love accessories!!!

I mean we are a sticker shop… there is no denying we love accessories!

From stickers to washi, folders to dashboards, bow clips to planner bands… we love them all!

One might call us a bit “extra”, some more than others…

I mean…. we do have a Wash Hair sticker??

We aren’t denying it, we at the circus embrace it!

As a small, growing sticker biz we are always looking for ways to improve our products and opportunity. We have been really wanting to improve our pictures and our website. We have come a long way in a few months from our first stickers, our Photography Functional, we never claimed to be photographers, only make stickers for them. 

image1 (5)

Our pictures and our sticker quality has only improved. Check this week’s top seller, our  Gym Time Script

image5 (5)

Another step to improve our website is to have GREAT pictures!! And we decided a light box is just the thing we need!

When the circus does something we like to do it big… thankfully the circus has been blessed with some pretty handy husbands and one of them spent his Saturday morning making the perfect, extra large, we needed to fit our BIG Happy Planner,  DIY light box for our pictures! Even put a cute top on it so we could use it as a table in our office!


Here is a quick sample of some pictures we took while playing around with our new light box! We think a trip to Hobby Lobby for some fun backgrounds are going to be added to our TO DO: Boxes this week!

Coffeehouse Sticker

Salon Appt. Stickers

Work Life Mugs

Exciting things to come!!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Spend some time today getting yourself ready and make Monday a great one!

-The Planning Circus