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Hello Weekend…

Well Circus Friends… it’s finally the weekend!

We’ve got a jam packed weekend planned. Family is coming in town and we have a big family dinner planned at my house, which means I’ve been doing lots of housework!!

Thankfully I have been loosely following the Whole Year Cleaning Pack since January. I say loosely because life happens and I don’t always get each item accomplished, but it has helped having those stickers as a reminder each week.

Hope you all have a great weekend and if you’re weekend includes housework… YAYNESS!!!

Circus Life

A Sunday well spent..

sunday well spent

Sundays are a day of catching up, family, and relaxation… at least I try to make them that way. I always make time on Sundays to play in my planner… I like to get my planner ready for the week. I love The Planning Circus’ cute little Happy Planners Stickers these are on my weekly spread EVERY Sunday! Maybe if it’s there I will set aside time to plan my week!? Maybe? This morning my husband and I made time for a coffee date, so fun to sneak away for an hour and just be alone!! Then, it was home to get housework accomplished! Then grocery shopping and now a little meal prep for the week! I really wish I was this productive every Sunday! It’s gonna be a good week!!!

image1 (56)

Here are a few links to some of the stickers you see in my Sunday…

Laundry Line Sticker

Meal Prep Sticker

“Buy the Groceries” Sticker

Wash Hair

Mini Teal Boxes with Hearts

Hope everyone has a good week!!!

The Planning Circus

Circus Life

Mt. Never-Rest

Laundry, Sweet Laundry, Why do you never let me rest!?

Rarely, but occasionally I will feel completely caught up on the laundry, like it’s all done… then my family will take showers and it starts all over again. Why do these people I live with have to shower? Don’t they love me!? The laundry is never done, in our house we call the pile of laundry “Mt. Never-Rest”

messy laundry room

While the laundry isn’t my favorite chore to do The Planning Circus has some pretty cute laundry stickers that bring a little more joy to this most mundane chore! This weekend I got caught up and documented the joyous occasion with the Laundry Line Sticker in my Happy Planner… I mean it’s Wednesday so let’s be real, Mt. Never-Rest is growing and will be ready for me tackle again but for tonight I prefer to look at pretty laundry rooms on Pinterest and dream about my laundry being folded in nice neat piles and calling my children to pick up those nice neat piles and they actually put them away… where they belong!!

laundry folded

Check out the rest of the laundry stickers from the Planning Circus here…

Laundry Sticker

Laundry Time Sticker

Laundry Line Sticker

Happy Wednesday,

The Planning Circus