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Circus Life

My kids, organization, and how I use stickers from The Planning Circus to keep it all together…

or at least I attempt to keep it all together…

I love summer time!! When my children were young a veteran mom reminded me… you only have 18 summers with your children, make the most of them. Summer is our favorite time of year! No school, no rushing here and there… well, there is still rushing but not near as much. We spend lots of time in the water- swimming in the pool, visiting the springs, going to the beach, we live in Florida so water is necessary in the summer for staying cool. Summers are for reconnecting; siblings playing late night card games, sleep overs with friends, and all the summer movies we can see!

During the school year my children have one job really- too be good student athletes (notice student before athlete) and keep their rooms clean. This may not sound like much but it encompasses quite a bit of activities and responsibilities and keeps us all busy. The slower pace of summer makes it a great time for some life skills lessons. We focus on things like budgeting, cooking, cleaning, car maintenance… ya know, life skills.

My oldest son just graduated high school and will be starting classes locally in the fall and has been working full time this summer. While he is embarking on adulthood the mommy in me still likes to make sure he is staying organized. He has a monthly calendar that hangs on his wall in his room… we fill it out with his expenses and plans at the beginning of each month, because he says planners are for girls. You can bet I use cute stickers from The Planning Circus to remind him of things like appointments, bills, trash day, car maintenance. He might think planners are for girls but stickers are for everyone!!!

My daughters are in the middle they are 15 and 13 they both have Happy Planners and we usually set aside time on Sundays to plan together. They love helping me create stickers and come up with cute Happy Planner kits. During the school year it’s all about school and their sports and activities but this summer you can find meal plans, to do lists, girls days, family funday stickers throughout their planner. My oldest daughter is trying out a hobonichi planner while my youngest daughter likes bullet journals the most. The thing I love about The Planning Circus is how the stickers can be used for ALL planner types.

Then there is the baby of my circus, he is 11 and always on the go. For him during the summer I use a weekly printable from Pinterst and we plan out his week together. His schedule mostly consists of his activities and chores. He has a student planner provided by his school that he uses during the school year but you can bet his sticker making mama includes a few student stickers in his planner each week.

PSA: Just because my kids have the calendar, planners, journals, and we use the stickers to help us stay organized. It does NOT mean things always work out. Life happens, things get busy, we play catch up, and things don’t get done. That’s ok too. This is just our attempt to keep things organized and what works for our household.

That’s a glimpse into my circus life and how I help my monkeys organize their lives.

Life is a circus,

-The Planning Circus

Circus Life

“All About Magic”

When we started The Planning Circus at the end of last year we wanted a FUNctional sticker shop, a place were planners could request stickers, keeping cost affordable so that you didn’t have to purchase a book for $10-$20 because you liked a few sheets of stickers… I mean, we have all purchased “that book” for “those sheets.”

Functional stickers were our main focus and it still is, we will always be a FUNctional sticker shop, there just aren’t many shops whose main product is FUNctionals… one of the reasons we decided to call our business “The Planning Circus” was because we wanted a product that united all types of planners-those who used Happy Planner to bullet journals, or just a cute reminder sticker for a regular office calendar… we thought “the planning circus” encompassed it all and functional stickers can be used by anyone with any type of planner.

At The Planning Circus our favorite thing is making custom stickers and highly requested stickers like our newest Girl Scout stickers- Troop Meeting and our Cookie Sale Sticker. We love getting those emails or social media requests and then going to work to create something that maybe one person thought of but multiple people can use! Our Ice Skating Stickers was an early request we got from a mom in Washington but people in 6 different states have purchased her request and use them to keep track of their daughter’s ice skating events. We use your online suggestions to come up with our weekly new releases and we LOVE it! Thanks for being a part of our circus!

One of our PR girls is OBSESSED with unicorns, pink, and all things magical and since our online requests were low this week for new releases our creative and talented “sticker designer” created our first kit “All About Magic” we released this to our PR team over the weekend and it is now available for purchase, this kit includes 4 sheets and features an adorable little unicorn. We love it and hope you do too!

All About Magic


Hope everyone is having a great week. Keep those FUNctional requests coming and in the mean time who knows what we will come up with!! I mean we are even breaking into the clothing industry with our new Circus Life Shirt, haha! 

Don’t forget, orders over $20 get free shipping and order by 9pm EST for next day shipping!!!

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