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NEW stuff under the Big Top!

Life is a circus and we have so much to keep up with in our day to day lives! The Planning Circus just wants to help make this a little easier! This week we are featuring our new website design and to celebrate we have rolled out a BUNCH of new stickers!!! We have so many new stickers on the website now! There are new categories… new ways to search.. and new Circus Friends! You can find ALL of our new categories under our “MENU” tab, check back frequently because we are adding more everyday!

All of our FUNctional stickers can be found here…

We have added NEW weekly kits and check out our “Circus Friends” tab to see our NEWEST Circus member!! Melodie the Monkey!!! Melodie is an adorable little monkey with a pink bow who, like the rest of us, is just trying to keep it together! Be sure to check out her adorable collection!

We also have a new kit available featuring our original monkey, Max. Check out our new kit, “Max Goes to the Circus” This kit contains four brightly colored pages for only $12!!

We have also added a great selections of bows, color blogs, flags, and banners… check these out!

There is so much to see!!! Come check us out!!!

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ch- ch- ch- cha- changes…

We hate the word! Even small changes…

I mean we are planner obsessed for a reason! We like plans, we like things to run smoothly, we like putting stickers in our planners and not having to peal them off or cover them with other ones.. don’t even get me started on erasable pens!

You may have heard about the shipping rate changes last week from the US Postal service? We thought making them some cute post office stickers might make them change their mind about this price increase…

image2 (23)

…unfortunately, we discovered Monday morning when we went to send out packages… our efforts were made in vain, the price increase happened.

So, after hearing from a few other shops and waiting a week to see the response we have decided to change our flat rate from $3.50 to $3.75. On the bright side… we will still offer free shipping on orders over $20, no code necessary, just choose the “free shipping” option at check out.

So, we will survive “The Great Postal CHANGE of 2019” and continue getting that Happy Mail sent out quickly!

image3 (7)

NOW- the last bit is EXCITING NEWS… After checking in with a few other shops about shipping changes.. The Planning Circus has decided to begin participating in $2 Tuesdays!!! So check back with us on Tuesday and see what sheets will be on sale!! We are planning to mark down 3-5 stickers each Tuesday!

See, not all change is bad!?

We hope everyone is having a great weekend, thank you for being a part of our Circus,

-The Planning Circus